At Suomen Infotaulukeskus we want to make displaying important information as easy and user friendly as possible. We think that the Kapsu box is the perfect way to solve this problem. With Kapsu, turning any of your screens into a digital sign is made effortless and quick. Simply connect Kapsu to your desired screen then use the web based content management tool on your computer, tablet or phone to select from the cloud the content you want to display and where you want it to show. It’s as easy as that!

Simple Setup

Plug and play configuration: no specialised knowledge required. Choose the content you want to show and select the screen to display it on.

Content Management

Create, select and schedule your content from the web anywhere, anytime using your computer, phone or laptop.

24/7 Usage

Suitable for 24/7 usage, the device only needs to connect to the Internet once per month ensuring your content is available round the clock.


The subscription price is €25-€50 (0% VAT) per month with no hidden costs. After you purchase the subscription, we will send you the Kapsu device and then you are ready to start!


Can be used with wired or wireless connection, Kapsu uses the cloud to deliver the content you want, where you want.


The size of the device fits in the palm of your hand, meaning that you will be able to display it on any of your screens without hassle.

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Raspberry PI
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